We hereby confirm with full corporate responsibility, under penalty of perjury, that we are the seller for the above referenced Gold, for the sale in the
international market. The commodity, being offered, is available and pretty much genuine. Similarly, we further confirm that we are bona-fide owners to
enter into any meaningful transaction. With the knowledge of the act of fraud, we understand the fact that we are civilly and criminally liable under our
control as sellers for the business transaction as expected herein. This copy; either by facsimile, email, or hard copy shall be accepted as original and
binding document by all parties involved in this transaction. As the seller, we are ready, willing and able to deliver the herein offer Gold Nuggets,Gold Bars
and Gold Dust under the following terms and conditions:
Commodity .....................Gold Nuggets /Gold Bars/Gold Dust
Origin ..............................Congo
Commission.....buyer and seller agree on. (TBA)
Purity ...............................98+%
Quantity ...........................400 kg (Spot) and 200 kg (Monthly) with rolls and extensions
Quality .............................23 carats
Price .............................Negotiable
Shipment: The shipment will be delivered to buyer’s designated refinery by Air Cargo.

Shipment & Inspection:
The Total quantity to be delivered in Uganda is 400 Kgs  in not more that 200 kilos per month of Gold Nuggets as a shipment, delivery will be under tight
supervision of the Security Company where the cargo is held; they will monitor and ensure safe delivery accordingly.
1.2 Delivery Acceptance of Consignment: Payment Term:
The Buyer shall pay the Seller by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) 7% of the total value of the gold for shipment which will enable us cover the cost for the
processing of the necessay documents and shipping cost  within 48 hours after satisfactory test by the buyer to the full invoice value in-tandem with the
respective quantity purchased by the buyer.
1.3 Documents Required:
The Seller will deliver to the buyer the following documentation:-
Ø Duly signed Commercial Invoice - 1 Original and 3 Copies clearly stating that the final amount to be paid will be determined on the
day of the final assay report according to the settlement details as herein agreed and indicating the weight and purity of the Au
Ø Original Airway Bill No. 3 to the order of the Buyer
Ø Export Authorization /permit
Ø Gold Export License.
Ø Certificate of origin
Ø Certificate of Analysis

2.1 Seller sends Full Corporate Offer (FCO)
2.2 Buyer will sign, seal and send back the same to the seller.
2.3 The Seller sends a letter of invitation to the buyer.
2.4 The Buyer or his representative flies to Uganda for joint Top Table Meeting (TTM) physically check and verify the availability of the cargo.
2.5 On satisfaction of the terms by both sides on the meeting with buyer and seller , the buyer pays for full documentation cost, government
royalties directly to the government recognize agent and to the shipper as well for the shipment in Uganda; In return the seller will give an
equivalent amount of gold as collateral to the buyer which shall be held at the buyer’s safe deposit until shipment is affected.
2.5.1   It should be noted the gold will be tested here at any local refinery or the Uganda Ministry of Mines to get the exactly purity and impurity
component of the gold. We want to the customer here should be fully be satisfy with what he or she is going to buy from our company so
that we can work with the client for a long lasting business relationship.
               2.6      The collateral here is not for sale but it is given to the buyer as guarantee of completion of the delivery when putting funds for the      
                           documentation to be paid, the buyer is to keep the collateral in a safe-deposit vault in any international bank with a branch in Uganda and the   
                           buyer can own the collateral if the seller fail to establish the deal in the expected time agree and this will be on a separate agreement with the   
                           agent and bank where the gold shall be keep during the entire expedition process.  Collateral is not for sale at the point of delivery so it must
                           be tamper or change form only until the custom officers/ government agent or lawyer with chamber or firm confirm the ownership of the
                           collateral to the buyer before the buyer can change form or do anything with the collateral and it will take 5-14 working days if the seller not
                          deliver the gold as mentioned the buyer has the right to own the guarantee know as collateral of the gold nuggets handed to buyer which will   
                           be kept by the buyer in a safe-deposit box.

2.7    The buyer and seller representative will accompany the said quantity the buyer want to the buyer’s designated refinery for final assay a   
well as payment after 48hrs upon confirmation of consignment

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